Try out the CTA software before purchasing!

Try it Risk Free!  PC compatible (Win95-XP) No installation required for Demo - Uses CD-Rom Drive

You can view the tests by doing the following:

1.) Load the CTA-demo disk into the your CD drive

2.) Run or double-left click on the CTA icon

3.) Enter Username = CAPP and the Password = CAPP

4.) Pull down the menu "TESTING" and open "PREVIEW TESTS"

5.) Select test of your choice (CTEP, MDTP, CELSA, CSFI). You can also view the
computer based student questionnaire.

6.) To quit a test after you begin, use the Quit button on the screen (lower left)
that returns you to the selection of other tests to preview.

When you reach the end use 'Quit' to finish and get the results from the test.
OR, if you just have trouble exiting and want to end the test quickly without results:
Use the key combination [Cntrl-Shift-1] and then enter the password 'admin'
This will allow you to end the test using the administrative exit.

Please keep this CD in a secure area as it contains actual tests.

Note: Screen resolution should be at 640x480 for fullscreen. If you are using XP,
the minimum resolution is 800x600. It will display on a smaller screen, but should
work correctly. The full and demo versions allow you to configure the display if needed.

CTA software: (no initial costs except a yearly minimum order of $400 worth of tests)

.60 ¢ per test 7 Math tests
.25 ¢ per test 3 English Tests
.60 ¢ per test 2 ESL tests: Forms 1 & 2

All approved test¢s for paper/pencil or computer delivered testing.
Your current paper/pencil license applies to computer delivered tests as well.
If you use CTA with ASAP to add scanning, scoring and advanced reporting capabilities,
you must have a license with CAPP Associates for the ASAP program.

CTA will run on Window's 95 thru XP
(currently running on NT and Novell networks at many schools now).
ASAP is a DOS or Window's program that uses Scantron or NCS scanners.
Phone and online support available.

Order the CTA Demo CD

Computerized Assessment and Placement Programs (CAPP) Associates, Inc.
has been providing assessment software and services to higher education since
1985. CAPP is the sole vendor of the computer delivered versions of MDTP, CTEP, and CELSA tests.

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