Celscan Installation

Celscan is used to scan and score paper/pencil versions of the ESL CELSA tests

CELSCAN Installation:

Most of the procedural help information is included
within the CELSCAN software. This document
is to help you get the software started and
begin preparing your CELSCAN software for your
specific school.

CELSCAN was designed to run on a Windows Operating
System (re: Win95-XP).

The files are located on our webpage


Select CAPP FTP Site
Select Celscan

or go to our download page:
CAPP Download

Left click on the file Celscan.exe and save it
to a temporary directory. This is a self-extracting
WinZip file. Double-click on the file to start the
extraction of the files. I recommend putting the
files in a temporary directory that you can delete
after the installation (re: c:\capptemp). Select Unzip
to uncompress the files into this new directory.

To start the installation:

Select the Setup.exe file
The program needs two Directories off the root of
which Drive you specify for the install.
The main program files should be in [Drive:\Celscan]
You can browse and select the drive.
The database (scanning module) files needs to be in
[Drive:\vbscan]. (Note: It is important that these
Database-Scanning files are installed off the root in
the [Drive:]\vbscan directory. The same drive that
you put the \Celscan directory in.) To check if the
install was done correctly: verify that the CELSCAN.exe
file is in the [Drive:\Celscan] directory. Also, verify
that vbscan.exe is in the [Drive:\vbscan] directory on
the same drive.

Once the program is installed, Start CELSCAN by double-
clicking on the CELSCAN icon on your Window's desktop.
You will get the Main Menu. Select Customize from the
drop down menu a the top. From Customize, select Settings.

From the Settings Menu:
Enter you Institution name and address
It is very important that you enter your school code
on this page. This is a 4 digit number that you need to
get from us at CAPP Associates.
Then Select Scanner and pick which type of scanner
that you have there (re: NCS Opscan or Scantron).
Fill in one or two of the ACTT / CELSCAN forms for
testing. When you are ready, Select Scan from the Main
Menu, Select the DATE, FORM# and enter your 4 digit school
code in the appropriate box. Click on OK. You will get
a Scanner Screen. Select Configure, and make sure you have
the correct scanner model and COM port settings.
For NCS Scanners, it uses the NCS default configuration.

After you are done scanning a batch, Select Stop from the
current display panel. The records will be added automatically
to the Temporary Database.

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