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September 9, 2004

Dear CAPP User:

It's that time of year again, time to move full swing into the 2003-2004 academic year, and time for
reporting assessment data to the California Community College Chancellor's Office. The ASAP_MIS
software for school year 2003-2004 reporting is now available.

You can download the latest ASAP_MIS program by contacting us at CAPP ASSOCIATES.

Save the file MIS_INSTALL.exe to your Window’s Desktop. Follow the steps outlined in the MISinst.doc or the associated webpage (http://www.cappassoc.com/MISinst.htm).
This document explains much of the functionality of the program. It is recommended
that you print this document out and use it as a reference.

This is ninth year we have offered this program as a service to all California CAPP users as a tool to extract
the appropriate data from the CAPP system needed for MIS reporting.

Appendix I with the latest changes in codes for approved assessment instruments has not been released from
the Chancellor's office as of this time. Your college should be receiving the MIS reporting specifications soon
however, and Appendix I will be enclosed.

Please follow the ASAP_MIS.doc instructions (which are the same as last year and located on the install diskette)
to prepare the Student Assessment (S.A.) file for MIS reporting. As always, please feel free to contact us with any
questions or comments.

Thank You,

Robert Elmore
CAPP Associates, Inc.

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