PSurvey Setup

PSurvey Information:

To install:
Download the file PSurvey.exe from our webpage
Save the file to your Desktop and run then install program.

Use the default of     C:
This will install the program into C:\PSurvey

If you are using a scanner (re: Scantron or NCS)
You will need to set a flag in one of the ASCII files
included within the install package.

Edit MidFlags.asc

For Scantron 8000 or 8200 change the first number
to a 0 (zero) and save the file.

For NCS (Opscsan 2-6) change the first number to a 1 (one)
and remember to save the file.

I use Notepad to edit the file, but you can use any word processing
editor that will save the file in an ASCII format.

It is very important that there is a pif file in the working directory for PS.exe (PSurvey).
This can be added easily by creating a shortcut to PS.exe to your Windows Desktop.
You will have problems with scanning if this isn't available.

Call CAPP Associates for the password to initiate the PSurvey installation.

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   Phone_(805) 965-5870
   FAX _ (805) 965-5807

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