SSFI Setup

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SSFI Installation:

instSSFI.exe is a self-extracting WinZip file.
I found it easier to download the file to
my Window's desktop and then run the instSSFI.exe
file. The program defaults to unzipping the files
to your C: (C drive), but allows you to change
the destination. I would install this to the
default directory. The program will leave an icon
for SSFI on your Desktop.

Additional information is found in the same area -
under SSFIscan.doc.

Use the default       C:

This will install SSFI into the C:\SSFI directory.
To start SSFI, run SSFI.exe.

If the program doesn't leave an icon for SSFI on your Desktop,
then create one.

Call CAPP Associates for the password to initiate the
installation procedure.

   CAPP Technical SupportCAPP Associates, Inc.
   Phone_(805) 965-5870
   FAX _ (805) 965-5807

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