Celscan - CELSA ESL tests
scanning, scoring and reporting software

  For schools using the "paper/pencil" version, Celscan can be used to scan and score the CELSA test and send the results electronically via email. ACTT is the publisher of the CELSA test. The Celscan software scores the CELSA tests (forms 1 through 4) . Student answer sheets are scannable answer sheets which must be and can only be used with the Celscan software are available. The Celscan software runs on Window's based computers. Celscan scan forms are $84 per pack of 250 forms.

Celscan works with Scantron/NCS scanners.
Celscan is $600.00 per year.
Phone and online support available including a built-in Help program.

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Associates of Classroom Teacher Testers
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In order to use the CELSA test you must have a site license with ACTT.
This license is based on the amount of students you test per year.

CELSA Tests (payable to the Association of Classroom Teacher Testers)
Annual Site License: (with ability to benefit):
Based on number of ESL students tested per year:

CELSA Annual Site License cost
$ 195
$ 325
$ 495
$ 750
$ 1095