Installation and Use

        Installation Notes: AsapLook (for Windows) is used to view/print ASAP data over your network

This is the network version of the ASAP lookup program. The install
program has been compressed with Winzip (self-extracting ver. 8.0). To
install, please decompress the install program into a separate temporary
directory and run the setup.exe file to start the install procedure. ASAP
and ASAPlook should be on different machines. You have to be able to
map from the ASAP machine to the ASAPLook 'server'. The account on
ASAP must have enough rights to copy data and in most cases, overwrite
the existing data on the ASAPLook machine. This account is not the same
account used to look up the data from the counselor's workstation or one
of the test center workstations. You can protect the server information by
restricting all updating from only the ASAP machine to the ASAPLook
machine through this account on the ASAP machine (re: administrative rights)

The new ASAPLook program is ready! (32 bit Window's version)
Download ASAPLook (for Windows) ~ contact CAPP Associates for password
Printing works with Window's default printers and drivers.
Files being viewed can be shared by multiple users and edited (from ASAP) while being shared.
Installation and use has changed drastically from the earlier versions.
You only have to install ASAPlook on the designated 'server' or administrative workstation
and attach to the program (asaplook.exe) over the network from the workstations.
Updating the data should still be done from the ASAP to the ASAPLook machine.

There are 3 steps to setting up ASAPLook:

1. Install files on the ASAPLook server machine
2. Transfer test period data from ASAP to ASAPLook
3. Setup workstations and viewing the data

1.) Install the files for ASAPLook on your server or networked workstation.
This installation is for the ASAPL00k server (not the ASAP machine).
Decompress the winzip file newlook.exe into a temporary directory (contact CAPP for password).
Run setup.exe and select the destination drive. Install the files into any drive/directory you specify.
This area will be the central point for looking up ASAP data from the counselor's workstations.

2.) Transfer data from ASAP machine to ASAPLook machine
You will need to be able to map from the ASAP (scanning PC) to the ASAP Lookup Server.
The \\UNC should work OK. I thought that mapping would make for a more consistent routine with
the specific user's login. Whenever you update the data on your ASAPLook server - it must be
updated from the ASAP machine. This account will need the rights to overwrite data on the server
machine (specifically to the area where you installed the ASAPlook server).

> From the ASAP machine:

You will have to actually make an icon on your desktop to ASAPLook.exe over the network.
Run the program. You should get a login prompt: user = CAPP , PW = ASAP is the administrative
account that will have the rights to actually update and initialize test period data.
Counselors should use the user = ASAP , PW = Look (for the rights to View Only):
Once you login, you should be able to see the area that will list the ASAP Testing periods on the
left and the available reports listed on the right side of the screen. You should see directories 1-11,
plus 998 and 999 for ATB and Research directories. Select 'File' and 'Import data from ASAP'
For the First time Select [ALL] (Make sure that Temporary / Master / and Setup boxes are all
Checked and the data transfer method is set to 'Initialize/Copy' Click 'Import' when you are ready
to transfer files from ASAP to the ASAPLook server. Note: If an ASAP test period is not
properly setup or if there is a problem with a testing period - The data will not transfer correctly,
and in most cases, the program will abend. The best way to fix this is to try to use the [Fix ASAP]
button, with the Testing Period in question selected for transfer. Or, fixing the file from the ASAP
side and then resending the specific testing period data again.

3.) Setup Workstations and viewing the data:
A workstation only has to be able to see the ASAPLook server, and have to ability to view files
on this machine. In most cases, you should let the counselor login with User=ASAP PW=Look
(or make a new read-only account). As soon as the program starts - it should show the test
periods that have already been updated on the ASAPlook server (from the ASAP machine).
A list of available reports should be on the right side of the screen - with the existing test periods
on the left. You can view and print information to your default Window's printer.

> From the Main Menu for ASAPLook:

Important Function Keys:

'F2' function key to initiate loading the ASAP data to the server.
You will get a list of Unspecified Testing Periods on the first run.
This should be done from the ASAP machine only.
'F4' shows all the records in the current Testing Period
'F5' Views the test data for the student selected
All the reports also correspond to a specific Function Key.
See under 'Reports' for a full listing of which Tests and Keys are available

ASAPLook data is only updated from the ASAP machine.

   ASAPLook (32-bit Windows version) for viewing ASAP data over your network
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